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NoCrypt – transfer files fast


fast file transfer

  •  Uploadlimit 5,000 MB per file
  •  up to 20 files simultaneous
  •  free of charge
  •  no passwort protection
  •  no encryption
  •  lowest security level
FullCrypt – transfer files secure


secure transfer files

  •  full passwort protected
  •  encrypted with AES-256-Bit
  •  free of charge
  •  Uploadlimit 30 MB per file
  •  time exposure on encryption
  •  maximal security level
CryptChat – communicate secure


secure communication

  •  full passwort protected
  •  encrypted with AES-256-Bit
  •  free of charge
  •  unlimited users
  •  chat will be deleted automatically
  •  maximal security level

Finally a way for simple encryption.

Why should you use provides you an easy way of exchanging files by encryption.
En- and decryption happen already on your browser.

No installation needed
The secure form of file transfer
End-to end encryption starting from your browser learn/read more
full control over your files learn/read more
complete delete of all files after expering the time/download limit
Server location Germany

Discover the
secure way of chatting

CryptChat – communicate secure
  • End-to end encryption starting from your browser
  • Available for free
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This is how works

End-to-end encryption starting from your browser

In times of global espionage, it is good to know that files can be sent to the receiver securely from the access of unauthorised persons. encrypts your files before you have contact to an external server and decrypts this particular file only after entering the particular password belonging to the address only known to you and the receiver. The encryption takes place only in the browser of the receiver. The currently most secure form of a cost-free digital file transfer.

The encryption algorithm uses AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard, 256 bit) for the encryption of your files. Even in the USA, this form of encryption is licensed for governmental documents of top secret level. Offering the download of a file encrypted with a secure AES-256-password via a temporal link represents one of the most secure forms of file transfer.

We attempt to ensure a browser support as wide as possible. Please appreciate that en- and decrpytion works reliably and savely only on up-to-date browsers.

The following browsers are supported:

chrome 32+
firefox 22+
internet explorer 10+
opera 20+
safari 7+

Full control over your files

You can set a limit to how long a file shall be available at Furthermore, you can determine how often a certain file may be downloaded.

If these two limits are expired, the file will be deleted from our servers.

Your files are at no time unencrypted on our server (see end-to-end encryption from your browser). The password given by you is not transferred to our servers.